Engagement : Terri and Andrew

“Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person.” – Richard Bach

Can’t wait for their wedding next month.

  • Stefani said:

    This is so a sweet engagement! What a cute couple! :D

  • Helga Schaefer said:

    Julie Lim (she is my best ever) has that unique style what I looove, give her some love!

  • Wesley Poon said:

    This is amazing!

  • Mandelene Naidoo said:

    Thats the best cinematography I have ever seen!Professionalism at its best.

  • Sven Moschitz said:

    love it! thx

  • Shawn McLaughlin said:

    To much kissing, eww. Just playing, you guys are awesome.

  • Terri Smith said:

    LOL! Thanks Shawn. My mama was like that's too kissing bc Andrew and I aren't married yet. She's so funny! :)

  • Lizzy Fontaine said:

    Beautiful! <3

  • Andrew Yang said:

    Terri, Andrew! congratulations! I hope you guys the best and bless you guys :) miss you guys and hope we can meet again one day! beautiful pictures and beautiful love :)

  • Julie Lim said:

    Mandelene Naidoo, why thank you very much!!!

  • Julie Lim said:

    Terri Smith LOL, hope I didn't cause any unnecessary troubles! >.<

  • Lizzy Fontaine said:

    @[1174344974:2048:Terri] - I can't believe you're getting MARRIED in just TWO weeks!! I'm so excited I can't WAIT!! <3

  • Terri Smith said:

    Hahaha no of course not. My mom was just kidding. :) Thanks Julie!

  • Terri Smith said:

    I can't believe i myself. It hasn't sunk in yet. Time is going by so fast! It will be great to see you! <3 I hope little Gracie remembers me.

  • Julie Lim said:


  • Julie Lim said:

    @[520281851:2048:Wesley Poon] - why, thank you sir!

  • Lizzy Fontaine said:

    Omigosh of COURSE she remembers you! We look at pictures on Facebook a lot and she thinks you're really "BEAUTIFUL!" We can't WAIT for the wedding!! <3

  • Rena Bishop Baker said:

    The pictures are beautiful Terry-you two look so happy-Dad and I are happy for both of you. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures!

  • Terri Smith said:

    Aw thank you Mama Baker! I pray you two are doing well. Thank you for your kind words. <3

  • Terri Smith said:

    Aw thanks Andy! Yes, it will be great to see you again! Thank you for the blessings & kind words! Blessings to you too!

  • Terri Smith said:

    Julie, just seeing this again just make me smile. I know I must have thanked you several times already hahaha but I'm just so happy because you're are such a blessing to us!

  • Tinah Ruth Chang Haid said:

    The picture of you blowing the dandelion puff is Ora's favorite! She keeps wanting to go back to it. All of them are amazing!

  • Jessica Smith said:

    HAHAHAA...i'm with Shawn and mom! :) ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  • Terri Smith said:

    Thanks Tinah!

  • Julie Lim said:

    Terri, you're sucha sweetheart <3

  • Miran Jung said:

    I pray for the most beautiful wedding for you guys just like these pictures.

  • Terri Smith said:

    Thank you Miran! Amen! <3 See you soon! :)