I want to thank David of David Abel Photography for the opportunity to assist him and his lovely wife Kristy.  You guys rock!  One word to describe Sarah & John’s wedding – phenomenal and their wedding was held at the beautiful Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden!  Fell in love with this place. 

  • tiana said:

    Julie -- this is seriously beautiful stuff. i love your style so much it kills me! You have such an eye- everything is so precise; so delicate. i feel as though every moment you capture is so significant and narrated with your lenses. i mean these are fabulous - i don't feel as though you're just taking pictures. i feel like your showing us your taste - and i am over whelmed. thank you.

  • Stefani said:

    whaa~! what a beautiful wedding! you captured it so perfectly unnie! Nice work! ;]

  • Julie said:

    thanks guys!!!

  • Leo Lee said:

    always so consistently amazing detail shots.

  • Mhoang said:

    I expect nothing less from you :) Wonderful as usual.

  • Mindy said:

    As always, great work Julie! I love, love, love it! You know how to capture the best moments. ;)

  • Julie said:

    thanks Michael! thanks Mindy! :)

  • Judy said:

    wow! amazing!!

  • thuy said:

    beautiful captures. these are images to fall in love with!

  • Julie said:

    thank you thuy! :)

  • Karleen said:

    Truly gorgeous! they must have been sooo happy with all these images!!