Biker’s Black and White Lightroom Presets

I’ve been getting quite a few request asking which actions I use for my black and whites.  I don’t use any actions on photoshop but I do have my own preset that I made for my black and whites in Lightroom.  I created this preset for the photos for this particular post Los Angeles Toy Ride Charity Bike Run.

Here is an example:

I like my BWs to have lots of dark blacks and bright whites.  Very contrasty.  You can adjust the exposure to your taste.  Hope you’ll like it and save you some of your precious time!


  • Thank you for making these available Julie… really appreciated!

  • Liesel

    Thank you Julie!

  • Rene

    Hi Julie! I wanted to download this preset but it takes me to a page that is ‘currently not available’. Can you please maybe email the preset to me? Or maybe check the link to the preset download? Thank you.

  • Denise

    Hi Julie,
    I was unable to download the preset… Thanks :)

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