So far here in Budapest… Quick update!

I arrived at Budapest at noon on Thursday.  I just absolutely love traveling I tell ya.  Yes, even going to the airport excites me:)  But few things did irk me though…

-the guy sitting left of me took his shoes off and it started to stink up the whole plane.  Okay, maybe not the whole plane but you get my drift.  Ew!
-the guy sitting left of me kept on leaning against me.  It was so annoying and I could not peacefully sleep.
-the guy sitting left of me kept… argh!  Never mind.  This post is starting to sound like it’s all about the guy left of me.
-my luggage was lost in Munich.  This always happen to me for some reason.  Last time it happened in South Africa.
-due to lost luggage, I couldn’t shower 2 days.  Yep, don’t come near me.
-suffering from a chest cold is not cool when traveling.  Kept on waking up every other hour due to coughing:(

Other then these little annoying things… everything else was FANTASTIC!  Here are some quick snaps I took with my trusty iPhone.   I’ll be going on a tour after the wedding and will experience Budapest the best then.  I was still amazed by the architecture and the intricate designs on the buildings.  Words cannot describe it.  Really.  Here is the famous bridge in Budapest called the “Chain Bridge”.  It’s known to have the perfect engineering for a bridge.  It just amazes me!

On our way to the hotel I’ll be staying at there was an endless field of Sunflowers I must go back to photograph.  I was in awe.  It was endless and endless.  They say it’s a Hungarian culture to gift the guests with flower bouquets.  I received this cute basket of flowers from Mariann who quickly became my friend:)

I came out to stretch my legs during the night and this poor little guy was all drenched with rain seeking for shelter.  Felt so bad for him but he found a perfect spot:)

My first meal in Budapest!  HAMBURGER!  Better yet I should properly say the name.  Hühner-Burger with Gewürzte Bratkartoffein (Spicy Steak Potatoes)!

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