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A dear friend of mine and an awesome wedding photographer Helga Schaefer has connected me with her wonderful friends in Europe.  I was able to travel to Zürich which is the largest city in Switzerland.  Situated on the northern shores of Lake Zurich and with the Alps as a distant backdrop, Zurich still retains much of it’s historic, storybook flavor.  I want to give a very special thanks to Michael and Pedro for being such amazing hosts during my trip here in Switzerland.  I had so much fun getting to know both of you and I hope to see you again in the near future.  Of course, these photos do not do justice to this magnificent country but I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


The river Limmat is so clean that you can drink from it.  I really do believe it:)Caught a bit of romance between a couple while passing by them.Pedro’s sweet baby Luna!I had my first veal Bratwurst.  Mmmmmmmm.This is a typical bachelor party in Zurich Switzerland.  They make the groom dress up and beg for money and food for fun.I got to try Switzerland’s traditional meal.  I totally forgot the name!Here is the sneak peek from the wedding from Switzerland.');” rel=’external nofollow’ target=’_blank’ class=’url’>nastassja harvey - these photos are so beautiful Julie, Switzerland is definitely on my list of places I’m dying to visit, so glad you got to go! :)');” rel=’external nofollow’ target=’_blank’ class=’url’>tiana - I can not wait to see! safe travels please.');” rel=’external nofollow’ target=’_blank’ class=’url’>Mandy - i cant wait to see the wedding post.. i think your meal looks like some sort of stroganoff? and im in love with the swans :) stunning photos as always :)

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